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If you have unfortunately done your ACL or know someone who has..............

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Initial Comprehensive Assessment including your tailored Management Plan to get you through your PHYX YOUR ACL Program.(Value $129)


An electronic Biomechanical Assessment of your Knee control both non-impact and with landing and hoping. (value $100)

Debunk the guess work - instant Guidance

Return to doing what you love.

Get the correct program to progess.

Where to start and who to ask for help?

All this GAP FREE - if you have Private Health - But, you don't have to miss out if you are self-insured - if this is you - it is only $79 to get started in Phyxing your ACL - with the Experts.  

T&C Must Book ONLINE OFFER - write "Phyx My ACL" in the Notes.

If you have a 

Different Knee Injury 


Knee Pain and are unsure what it is from or hasnt been diagnosed yet  - Simply click on 

"Phyx My KNEE"  

We can help you TOO!

- we look forward to getting you back doing what you love.

T&C - Must Book  


Write "Phyx My ACL" in the notes section.

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